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Instant Van is a comparison site for customers looking for removal services quotes. No matter how big or small your business is, we will get the customer to come to you.

Why Choose us?

Instant Van provides the solution to your marketing challenges. Spend less time searching for customers and let your business be found


Low Cost Solution


Quality Assurance




You’re in control


Reduced competition


Time efficient


You can sign up to one of our two plans to give you the flexibility to either commit to our 6 month or yearly plan.

We have two plans you can choose to sign up with:

  • 6 months for £39.99 
  • 12 months for £69.99

We give one customer request to 4 different suppliers in order to give our customers a variety of quotes and companies to choose from.

You may cancel your plan at any time and continue using until your purchased plan comes to an end.

Our full website is going live in November 2018 but by registering your interest today you’ll get first opportunity at signing up.

No, the only costs you will incur is the initial payment, depending on which of our business plans you choose (either 6 or 12 monthly). There are no hidden costs per customer lead and no limit on the customer inquiries you will receive.